Opening up

Posted by Write In My Journal on March 10th, 2011 filed in This site

*YAWN!* (Scratch, scratch, scratch) What year is it?

I’ve been…busy?

Ever since I had kids and moved five minutes away from work, I’ve become quite the hermit. Thankfully, there are other people out there with social lives. Who…you know…do things.

I still love the idea of Write In My Journal. I want it to live on, but it isn’t realistic for me at this point. That’s why I’m going to do an experiment and turn it over to you.

Email me and I’ll set up a username and password for you. Collect stories, post them and I’ll review and publish them.

Laura took me up on it. Her first post which will be published Monday.

UPDATE: Got a ton of spam from this. On hold for now.


One Response to “Opening up”

  1. Lil Miss Red T-Shirt Says:

    Sad that you’re not able to keep it up.

    Fun site to read.

    I wonder if there are other ways to do the project… like leaving notebooks around in public, collecting them later? Or including an envelope to people to mail them back?