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I passed Mitch on the lower floor of the library. He was slouched down in his chair, camera hanging around his neck as he stared off at…well…I’m not sure what he was staring off at. I walked past him, paused and turned around to talk to him.

Turns out Mitch is in a photography class and was apparently lacking inspiration (when I asked if I could take his picture he said yes, but only if he could take mine. Anyone wanting to use me as a muse has to be desperate). He said he’d write in my journal, but that he only had a short time. He wasn’t kidding. This is by far the shortest entry to date. Despite being so short I have to admit that I think it’s one of the most intriguing because it leaves so many questions unanswered.


My name is Mitch.

I was born in Wisconsin and adopted into a family in Utah, I like it here.

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8 Responses to “Mitch”

  1. Peter Says:

    I like this one. The picture somewhat obscures his face, leaving me wondering what he really looked like as well as what his full story is. I hope Mitch got his inspiration.

  2. priyanka Says:

    Hi. very interesting concept for a blog. loved it and added it to my blogroll…

    keep exploring strangers :)

  3. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Peter – I have another picture of Mitch sans camera but I thought this one was more interesting. Should I put the other one up too?

  4. Sra Says:

    I thought I recognized the background in that photo. We have a great library in Salt Lake.

  5. Marchmoon Says:

    This is such a cool idea. I love your site! It’s great that you show people’s handwriting and personal styles. I am now compelled to follow your blog.

    Cheers on your creativity.

  6. Write In My Journal Says:

    Sra – Yes we do. I love hanging out there because there was obvious effort into creating a creative atmosphere instead of just building a library.

    Marchmooon – Thanks so much! Glad to hear you like it. I’m always on the lookout for contributors so if you feel so inclined, email me and I’ll give you the details.

  7. Doozyanner Says:

    Hi, It’s been awhile since you’ve posted anything new. Just wondering and hoping that all is ok in your world. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog, but I really love the concept. Hopefully time will permit you to get back to it soon!

  8. Write In My Journal Says:

    Doozyanner – I appreciate your comment. Everything is going very well, just busy. As you (and everyone else who reads the site) will find out Monday, we had a baby last week so things have been a little crazy getting ready for our new addition – especially with a two year old already at home. :)