Stephanie Petty

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I saw Stephanie eating alone at Zupas while my family and I were out to dinner. Her back was turned to me and I noticed she was eating alone. Now, while dining in groups tends to be the cultural norm, I must say I enjoy going out to eat by myself or going solo to a movie every once in a while. As odd as it may seem, it’s a bit liberating.

Because Stephanie’s back was turned, I didn’t have much of an initial impression about her looks, behaviors, mannerisms, or any other things I tend to notice about people I ask to write in my journal. This one was all “hunch” and once again I managed to come across someone who is involved in something quite remarkable.


It’s always amazed me how everything is taken for granted until we notice due to emergencies or situations. I work as a lab technician for the American Red Cross almost everyday getting the blood donated read for hospitals or for research companies to find cures. I don’t get paid a lot, but I save hundreds of lives everyday. I come across blood with STDs and diseases and hope not to get them, hope not to mess up, hope the equipment won’t break or burn me! Life is taken for granted. Live to every minute! Live with no regrets! Take a chance! It’s worth it!

- Stephanie Petty

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9 Responses to “Stephanie Petty”

  1. mikki roo Says:

    Yay! Another update! I love Stephanie’s outlook and she should be so proud of her contribution to society! Bless her heart…

  2. Becky Says:

    I wonder how many lives she has actually helped save. I am sure there are many. It is interesting that ordinary looking people do extraordinary things! Great post

  3. Amy Says:

    Nice to have another post to read! I never really thought of all the dangers/risks involved with being a lab technician. It’s easy to overlook all that others do for us.

  4. Ali S. Says:

    Yes! An update! :D

    She sounds like she has thought alot about what she does. Doing that kind of work can be thankless but it has the opportunity to help so many people.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    I was surprised to see myself on this website. I didn’t think it would actually be posted. I was caught off guard with my glasses, but it was a nice surprise that someone wanted to know about me. I love my job, and regardless of the thankless days. I personally have recieved three blood transfusions, so its like I saved my own life.

  6. Lance Says:

    You are a gift to this world, Stephanie! For the work you do, and for the positive messages you send out – including this simple yet profound one here. Life is so worth the chance to really “live”!

  7. Jen Says:

    It’s great to see another post, and especially to see one from such an upbeat person. Way to go Stephanie- you’re doing good work, and I’m glad that you like it so much.

  8. Gwynn (SereneJourney) Says:

    I’ve donated many times before but I never grasped how many people tainted blood could harm. Kinda scary when you think of it.

    Also comforting knowing there’s people like Stephanie doing her job!

  9. Melissa Says:

    God I love this site. Hi Stephanie! Love your entry.