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If I wasn’t a klutz, Amy Lynn and I wouldn’t have met.

We sat facing opposite directions on those rows of chairs so common in airport boarding areas. I set my wife’s water bottle on the seat next to me, but it fell between the seats. The lid popped open and the bottle rolled toward her duffel bag, water pouring out of it. I stood up and sprinted around the row of seats, kicked her bag out of the way and grabbed her boarding pass which was sitting nearby.

I’m sure she probably thought I was nuts – some guy with a social disorder, running around airports kicking people’s carry-on luggage.

I explained what had happened and apologized. She was very kind about it and wasn’t upset in the slightest. After returning to my seat I asked her if she’d like to write in my journal. Her teammate/friend piped up: “She’d be perfect for that!”

Sure enough, Amy is an avid journaler and pulled out her own journal to show off. She ended up getting on the plane before me (with my journal). When she was done, she sent my journal back to me via a flight attendant. I didn’t get a picture of her until we landed in Oregon and I tracked her down at the baggage claim.

“Nice” sounds so cliche, but Amy (in addition to being a woman of many talents), is the epitome of the word. I could tell very shortly after meeting her that she is a good person.

P.S. Amy Lynn, if you happen to see this, would you be willing to send in some pictures of your paintings?

My name is Amy Lynn.

I am 6 feet two inches tall. Yeah, that’s pretty tall! But I promise I am not scary.

I love to compete – I play volleyball at a collegiate level and I am in my junior year. There isn’t much better than the adrenaline rush that comes with a hard driven spike to the floor and hearing the crowd roar. I love my team – they are truly my sisters.

I have an enormous family!

I am the middle of seven children and have loved every second of having lots of siblings.

Besides volleyball, I love to express myself through music and art. I took piano lesson for thirteen years of my life and I play with two of my best friends in a band. It’s crazy how so much emotion can be sent through my fingers. And when I do find time aside from school, work, and practice…

I paint.

I love spending so much time on a piece – just making it perfect. Yes, I am a perfectionist! I hold myself to a very high standard in everything I do, but I find happiness in success!

I am only twenty years old and I still have so much of life to experience, but if I could give anyone reading this just one piece of advice: don’t hold back. Do your best in everything you do, and don’t be afraid to let your true self shine! I have much to work on in this exact same aspect, but hopefully one day I find who I really am, and become who I want to be…oh and find a guy like my dad along the way!

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15 Responses to “Amy Lynn”

  1. sovknight Says:

    Cool. You’re right too… the “nice” comes out quite strongly in her writing. She’s also pretty cute.

  2. The Grocer Says:

    Ahh, the sweet smell of youthful optimism, I remember it well.

  3. Michael Says:

    The part that I am shocked about is that you let your precious journal out of your sight for such a long period of time! Now that is an adrenaline rush!

  4. mikki roo Says:

    I was stoked to find another update – thanks!! Loved Amy Lynn, love that youthful optimism… hope she keeps that same attitude through life!!

  5. jdr925 Says:

    She’s so full of bubbles!

  6. Fit Bottomed GIrls Says:

    I love her outlook on life. She may be young, but there’s no doubt that she’ll go far in life. :)

  7. Ali S. Says:

    Yay! An update! I was really stoked to see my RSS feed pop up with a new journal entry. I can’t help it I’m addicted to writing out my thoughts and I like to see what other folks do when they have journals. And, yes, Amy sounds like a truely kind and genuine person. You always meet the nicest people David! :)

  8. Jen Says:

    What a lovely person- it’s nice to hear from a 20 year old who is optimistic and upbeat.

  9. Summer Says:

    I is refreshing to find someone who isn’t jaded, or at least who doesn’t let it show. 28 is plenty of time to succumb to life beating you down, it makes me happy to see someone who has chosen to rise above it.

  10. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments – I love reading them!

    @Michael – Yeah, it made me a bit nervous. But she really did seem like a good person and, after all, we were getting on the same flight. :)

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Just came across your site via your other site LivSimpl. What a really cool site concept. Going to bookmark it and come back for more! Congrats to you and your wife on your new baby :)

  12. nishi Says:

    i am 20 too.. n m nt even half as optimistic as her abt life …. m glad i read this journal entry

  13. Chris Says:

    I am 24 and a “realist” or what most people call a cynic. This was very refreshing to see the optimism in my generation. I hope you keep it Amy. PS I’m 6’5″

  14. Isaac Says:

    Picture was taken at PDX. It has very distinct carpeting

  15. Write In My Journal Says:

    Isaac – Yup. Good eye.