Emilio Alonso

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I met Emilio at the library. He seemed friendly but perhaps a bit reserved at first, rarely looking at me as we spoke. Instead, he looked far off to my right, only occasionally glancing to make eye contact. Some other interesting behavioral tidbits:

• He always referred to me as “Mr. David.”
• He spoke very quietly. I don’t know if it was the fact that we were in a library, but I got the impression  he normally talked like that.
• When we shook hands he reached over with his left hand and put it on my right forearm (he did this each time we shook hands). It was an interesting behavior, one I found myself reciprocating by the end of our time together.
• His actions were very deliberate.
• He was very respectful and sincere.

He probably took about a half hour, which is understandable when you look at his elaborate and decorative writing style (clicking on the pages will load bigger, clearer versions – it’s worth taking a look).

As we parted, he encouraged me to be honest, saying there was a lack of honesty in the world (I agree). So, in the spirit of honesty I’ll say that  I’m not entirely sure what  Emilio was writing about much of the time. There are a few things I find particularly interesting when read independent of the rest of his entry (my favorite is, “I have been to Seattle (on absurd terms.)”) but reading it as one continuous thought…yeah… I’m a bit lost. Would anyone care to interpret? Please do so in the comments.

“Dear World,

(I haven’t much 2 say but)

I am writing 2 you. Talking in specifically about the importance of yesterday gone; but the journey taken forever memoired in life. Grasped by god. Anyways, ha ha, I have been personally informed that the whole world is psychotic…or not? I have been to Seattle (on absurd terms). Quite in depth, I dug into my mental surroundings, ah, yes, the land of the pig.

Nevertheless, the point of the story… to succumb mental one’s, or perhaps someone’s, mental thought and/or perception. As an aid or help/guidance/observer/teacher all the while keeping life in order.

I’ve been to Texas, what a clean place, San Antonio 2 be exact. Where I realized the whole world was littering my wording, billboards made sense, movies, clothing, yet, I wasn’t given this persona [something] in life. Huh?

Can U relate?

Did I love life, do you love life? We can all perish with our hands choice fully. Perhaps struggle a day or 2 leaving works behind to adore. Discoveries 4 a better future. Or just 4 tomorrow. Me, I was scared more than anything. This leads 2 happiness! A fact!

Brothers, sisters, lovers, mothers, fathers. Behold humanity. Sense or senseless. The people, the attitude was where slower paced. Filthy, disgusting slums, visually depressingly clean cities. Point of this story. Work hard, don’t lie, don’t spy (ya, I know), be exceptionally rational. Give into what’s right even if, and probably will be harder.

San Francisco.

A step back…

Various, a fighter’s saloon of a city in every aspect. All the while Salt Lake seems closest to home.

Regardless my friends, admire and love everything. This will bring happiness.


Watch Wall-E

Go 2 a church

Be loving hearted/minded

Watch Wall-E again

Look 4 signs

But seriously, best of mind and heart 2 you. The world’s yours. 2day or 2morrow. I looove you…really. Thank God.

P.S. Voices in your head suck.

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16 Responses to “Emilio Alonso”

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls Says:

    His handwriting is beautiful. And he had me thinking and cracking up…the last line is funny yet pretty true since most of us have negative thoughts banging around up there, and the part about Wall-E was truly unexpected, but I agree.

  2. Carlie Says:

    Wow. He’s cracked. But…he has cool handwriting and he knows a lot of eloquent words and phrases. Interesting.

  3. Amy Says:

    Quite interesting to say the least. I apparently need to go see Wall-E soon!

  4. Lori Says:

    His writing actually reminded me of some of Allen Ginsburg’s stuff in the early days. (Of course, I was an English major). And, scarily, some of this made sense to me! I really liked “We can all perish with our hands choice fully” which to me means the choices we make can kill us, which is true. I’m now adopting “be exceptionally rational” as my new motto!

  5. Summer Says:

    I love the line “give in to what is right”. You can tell he has been through a lot in his life and his writing is very poetic.

    Thank you for this site. I really enjoy it.

  6. bon Says:

    Yeah… I suspect that that last line is fairly literal. Not a psychologist, but I HAVE had dealings with and read the writings of at least two diagnosed schizophrenics at various stages of their respective medication levels (and occasionally UN medicated, that was particularly fascinating). This guy is especially poetic, but not unique in his disjointed writing style or choice of topics… but I’m thinking it’s not exactly poetry he’s going for here.

    My suspicion is self-medicated Schizophrenia… possibly hashish?

  7. Michael Says:

    Well for a guy that didn’t have much to say, he said a lot! Fascinating!

  8. Secret Leaves Says:

    I agree with bon that he is probably schizophrenic. I have known a couple of schizophrenics and they talk exactly like he writes. Then when he wrote ‘voices in your head suck’, I was pretty sure of it. Fascinating any way you slice it though. This is a wonderful project.


  9. Ali S. Says:

    I just want to say that I love what you are doing. Fascinating work and an interesting fashion to meet strangers and learn a bit about them. Keep up the great work! :)

  10. Mike Mongo Says:

    Yes. Schizophrenia. The immediate intimate connection, the “open soul” emoting, the references in the writing, etc.

  11. Crazy Fitter Says:

    Was quite flabbergasted reading this site, so simple yet so effective. Wish I’d got the guts to do it. In the past I’ve spent time doing wedding photograghy and that can be nerve wracking, marshalling strangers to pose as I want, but I know I couldn’t do this. Consider yourself bookmarked!

  12. The Grocer Says:

    This is a fantastic project, can’t wait to read back through the logs. I’ll be adding a link on my blog, keep up the good work.

  13. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks to everyone for your comments!

  14. Denise Says:

    I think it speaks volumes for the world around us if when someone opens up and tries to share a bit we immediately deem them crazy. Or “cracked”.

    While I do not grasp some of what Emilio was saying, they are his thoughts and his wording. It isn’t as if you asked him to write about apples and instead he wrote about Bolivia. You asked him to write, and he did. Others thoughts shouldn’t always be so easy for us to comprehend. If they were, this sight wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating. The exciting part is learning more and hearing what others have in their heads.

    I’m not criticizing those who expressed their opinions of Emilio here. Those are their thoughts and the are entitled to them. I just think it shows a bit about our society and world if the conclusions we jump to when someone doesn’t fit into the “norm” is that they have a psychiatric issue.

  15. Devin M. Says:

    I agree with Denise.

    This was really a fascinating story. I liked his flowing hand-writing, but how he also used numbers like 2 for two, and then inserted pictures, and reverted back to normal hand-writing for ‘Ha Ha!’. It was an interesting read. For interpretations, I don’t think the Seattle part needs explaining. He seems to just be talking about all the different cities he’s been to, as well as the kinds of people and atmospheres they have.

    Great job. :)

  16. melisa Says:

    I also agree with Denise.

    I find Emilio’s writing fascinating, esp. since everything was done impromptu.

    It’s always fascinating to learn something about the real thoughts of people.