Rene T.

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The other day I was walking from the train to my car when I heard someone behind me calling, “Excuse me! Excuse me, sir?”

Now, I’m not nearly old enough to be called sir so I didn’t turn around at first. But the calling persisted and I turned to find a Hispanic kid, maybe in his late teens, walking toward me. In broken English, he asked for a ride maybe a quarter mile up the road. I’m normally not prone to giving rides to strangers, especially if my family is with me, but I was alone and he looked clean-cut and like a good kid. Not to mention it was a very hot day. So he hopped in and we started up the road.

He picked the wrong guy to ask though, because the AC in my car is broken. Eh. At least it was faster than walking, if not any cooler.

We tried to converse a bit on the short trip. I learned that Rene (I’m sure there’s supposed to be some kind of accent on the name, but I don’t know how to implement it on WordPress) was up from Mexico staying with a friend for the summer, working at Del Taco. I got the impression he’d done it before.

His stop came quickly, and before he got out I asked him if he’d write in my journal. I tried to explain that I’d love to hear about Mexico, his story, his family, etc. but I think some of that was lost in translation. (Unfortunately, I forgot to get his picture.) Here’s what he wrote:

“Muchas gracias por el raite, manana me voy a Mexico. Me hiciste un gran favor.

Ojala cuando vayas a Mexico, yo o al guien pueda hacer on favor parti, como to me lo niciste a mi.


Rene T.”

Thanks to a friend who knows Spanish, along with Google Translate, here’s the English version of what he said. (If you have a better translation, please e-mail me):

“Thank you for the ride. Tomorrow I am going to Mexico. You did me a big favor.

Hopefully when you go to Mexico, I or someone can do a favor for you as you have done for me.

Thank you

Rene T.”

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9 Responses to “Rene T.”

  1. Peter Says:

    That’s apretty good translation. “Atte” is short for “atentamente,” or “attentively.” It’s used the same way you might sign “yours” or “sincerely” at the end of a letter.

  2. Fit Bottomed Girl Says:

    That’s touching. And thanks for the translation. My espanol is a bit rusty. :)

  3. Dave Says:

    Peter – Thanks for the tip. The post has been updated.

    Fit Bottomed Girl – Are you (or were you) a Spanish Speaker?

  4. Creative Writer Says:

    nice site you got here! if you’re on a PC you can get the “é” by holding alt and then pressing 0233 on the keypad. then let go of alt. voila!


  5. Alexandre Says:

    Nice blog.
    There are a few mistakes in the text transcription and translation.
    The “al guien” is actually “alguien”, all together, and it means “someone”.
    “On” is actually “un”, but it’s translated right, it means “a”, as in “one”.
    “Parti” is actually “por ti”, it means “for you”.
    “To” is actually “tu”, it means “you”.
    And “niciste” is actually “hiciste”, just like the first one. Maybe it was a typing mistake…

  6. sebas Says:

    quick correction: it’s not “to someone” but just “someone” :)

  7. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks everyone for the translation corrections! I think I fixed all of them…

  8. sebas Says:

    And the final correction would be the spanish part ;)

    “mañana” (dunno if you can see the ñ, it’s a spanish letter)

    Ojala cuando vayas a Mexico, yo o alguien pueda hacer un favor por ti, como tu me lo hiciste a mi.

    great blog!!

  9. sebas Says:

    i just realized i corrected the same as alexandre… sorry! :)