Alan Sanders

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Alan could quite possibly be the nicest guy I’ve ever run into – especially for a cop. Not to say that I have a lot of run-ins with the law, but my observations have been that they generally try to put on a tough facade. Alan couldn’t be more opposite.

When Alan got on the train and called for everyone to show him their tickets, he cheerfully made his way down the isle, kindly thanking people as he went along. He was only half way through when the train approached the next stop. “If you don’t have a ticket, now’s your chance to get off!” he called down to the rest of the train. That got a few chuckles. Then he turned to a person he was standing next to and said, “I’ve had some people take me up on that.”

When I asked him to write in my journal he was more than willing and from what I can tell, Alan is a selfless guy who’s just doing what he can to help others.

“I ended up becoming a police officer in 1992 because I was out of work and money. I had a young family and a car payment. With military experience behind me I applied to SLCPD [Salt Lake City Police Department] and Sandy PD. Sandy made me the first offer and I took it. I ended up working there for 13 years. I enjoyed the community service and helping those in need. In 2005 I was recruited by a government contractor to fly unmanned aircraft for the military in the desert. This was because of my love of aviation and 20 years of flying radio controlled  airplanes.

I left police work temporarily to serve my country. I was gone for about 2 1/2 years back and forth from the US to the Middle East. I had many wonderful and not so wonderful experiences. I came home in Nov. 07 and decided to stay here. Sandy PD had an opening, so I hired on with UTA [Utah Transit Authority] Police and now I ride the rails helping out and keeping some people honest. I enjoy talking to as many people as I can, usually 800-1,000 people a day.”

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6 Responses to “Alan Sanders”

  1. Miss H Says:

    I love hearing about good people who are….well, good! It’s so refreshing to be reminded that most people are good, and most people care about others. I’ve never met Alan, but I think I would like him.

  2. chelsey H Says:

    I`ve met Alan and he is my moms best friend. He has always made everyone laugh. Hes always there if my mom needs him. My dad goes flying with him and I have a blast especially when they drop candy out of the plane for me and my family.

  3. Summer Says:

    I stumbled across your blog and I just wanted to tell you I love it! What a great concept. The design and layout is also exceptional. I look forward to checking back frequently.

  4. Dave Says:

    Miss H – Thank you for your comment. I think you’d like Alan too. :)

    Chelsey – Thanks for the comment. Did Alan tell you about the site?

    Summer – I appreciate your kind words. Thank you!

  5. Susie Sanders Nolan Says:

    Alan is my baby brother and he is the nicest guy you could run into. He’s funny too and I love him very much. Thank you for recognizing that special something that he is and has always been. I’m proud to be his big sister. I think your idea is wonderful and everyone does have a story to tell even if they don’t realize it. Thanks for putting them where others can read them and be inspired.

  6. Mike Mongo Says:

    Wow, I’m glad to have landed here (from mefi) just for this entry. Great! Thank you! Keep up the good work.