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My wife and I went to an Ani DiFranco concert here in Salt Lake on Saturday. We’d never heard of her, but the promise of free tickets to an outdoor concert on a summer night sounded too good to pass up.

While waiting in a very long line to get wristbands (we already had tickets, I’m not sure why we needed wristbands too) we met Christian. “I’m selling handmade jewelry to get money to, well, eat. That and to fix up my ’72 VW van.”

Christian wanted to make it back to Monterey, California and from there, who knew?

We admired his handiwork but didn’t have any cash. I told him about this project and he was more than willing to write in my journal. Once we found our seats (next to a girl who was already throwing up in the bushes – nice) he began.

“The nights just startin! She’s already piss drunk and I can’t remember her name, too bad I’m movin on. It ain’t all bad, I’ve been here for years, and worked so long ya think I could have at least moved 10 ft, but its all good the weather’s nice, the foods good and I’m well enough to live till tomorrow. Yet still I swear I’m goin sometime to somewhere fine. Freedom is fine, and free, but why does it take so much from me? Life can’t be defined by how much money you make, how new you are or how fast you made it. If even I die poor, I still lived!

Since the wheel first turned we’ve been turned in time to meet its end.”

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5 Responses to “Christian”

  1. Tommy Pham Says:

    OH my GOD!!! thats one of my friends, i went to high school with him. He was in my computer and maintenance class in my junior year, And he was a senior. really great buddy of mine. Christian Williams. he used to call my cripple cause i got in a soccer accident, playing on wet grass during P.E. wasn’t fun at all. last I’ve herd from him was when he came to del monte mall in monterey and i haven’t seen him in years. and i didn’t even reconized him from his beard. he did for me instantly. once i herd CRIPPLE!! i was like in total shock. i didn’t even know it was him, from the looks. he was always a brainiac. he always talk about life, always talk about how the future going to turn out. he always has the concept of life in general down. he knows how to live life to the fullest. thank you for this. its great to know that hes out there still alive and well. its been almost a year now that i have seen him last i believe.

  2. Cody Thorpe Says:

    Christian was one of my Good friends back in High School. He was in my Graduating Class, we both almost didn’t walk .. but we did (Go us xD)
    It wasn’t long after graduation that He decided to Leave Monterey Bay and go on an Adventure to see America. Every once in awhile He surprisingly finds a phone and Calls me, telling me everything he has seen and How I should join him one of these days.
    He was telling me one time about how he signed someones Journal, and actually remembered the Websites name. I checked it out and what do ya know he was telling the truth! Not that I doubted him, but it did seem farfetched.

    Anyways I am so pleased to see a picture of him and to truely know he is doing well for himself. He may not have an expensive Car, or live in some Huge Mansion .. but you know what He lives every day to its fullest and He has Fun. He is truely someone to look up to and say “Thats how life should be about”

    :] Smile .. It’ll all be Good Times.

  3. Eli Gundry Says:

    I agree with him 100 percent. And I love the drawing.

  4. JETeam Says:

    Alphabet has quotes about Christian. “Life can’t be defined by how much money you make, how new you are or how fast you made it. If even I die poor, I still lived.”

  5. Write In My Journal Says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    @Tommy Pham & Cody Thorpe – Wow! Small world! The Internet is an amazing place…thanks for commenting!